America – Enough Is Enough!

It’s a madhouse. Once considered the greatest nation on earth, the United States of America is descending into total disarray, its government in tatters, its police forces trigger-happy, its media outlets obsessed with only one topic – the dangerous clown now in charge of the whole nation, with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

But it’s not Trump’s ability to destroy the planet that obsesses the U.S. media. It’s the idea that in some way he was in cahoots with Russian hackers whose only crime was to reveal to the world the underhand dealings of the Democratic National Committee during the presidential election campaign of 2016.

Being an ally of this nation is fast becoming a serious embarrassment. Maybe it’s time some of those countries which support the U.S. consider withdrawing that support and forming other alliances. It’s time Europe learned to stand on its own two feet. Britain has chosen a course that will force it under the thumb of America for the foreseeable future. It’s to be hoped Europe doesn’t take a similar route.

The cold-blooded killing of Australian, Justine Damond…

…by an American police officer this week is surely symbolic of the state of America today. Damond, who had spoken of the differences between America, with its gun-crazed society, and her home country of Australia, where guns are rigorously controlled, was killed while doing her civic duty. She’d reported a possible assault near her house, and when the police arrived went out to meet them. She was totally unarmed and wearing her pyjamas. One of the officers in the car pulled out his gun and shot her dead. The excuse that eventually surfaced was that the police feared they were being assaulted – by a woman in her pyjamas! [1]

Justine Damond was a credit to society. She was a woman of compassion. Only one week before her murder she was photographed saving a family of ducklings. She was a veterinarian. She taught yoga at the local spiritual center.

Contrast her with another woman in the news this week…

…Ann Coulter can really only be described as a first-order American bitch. She’s as hard as granite, has no time for anyone but herself, and has become an archetype for all that’s bad about America. A hard-right-wing Republican ‘commentator’, Coulter wrote after 9/11:

“We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

She wears her racism in full view. Of Arab nations she’s been quoted in print as saying:

“Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do. They don’t have the energy. If they had that much energy, they’d have indoor plumbing by now.”

This week Coulter created a national furore, while on a Delta Airways flight to Florida after finding she’d been moved from an aisle seat to a window. Another woman had been put in the seat she’d booked. Coulter took photos of the woman, called her names, and tweeted the picture around the internet, even though the woman was totally innocent. It was the act of a spoiled, arrogant, and vindictive child unable to get its own way. [2]

The comparison between Justine Damond and Ann Coulter couldn’t be greater; the former a fine example to us all, the latter a perfect example of what America has become today.

There’s only one thing ‘great’ in 2017 America and that’s its military. Great, that is, in size, though not necessarily quality. ‘American values’, once toted under the guise of ‘freedom for all’, if they were ever realistic are now no more, except to certain sections of American society – those who find Ann Coulter endearing.

The United States of America is plunging over a very steep cliff politically. Corporate power knows no bounds. The will of the people is being rapidly eroded away. Already the government is run totally for and by corporate power, the people have no say. Dictatorship, while perhaps cleverly disguised, is waiting around the corner.

America will try to drag the rest of the world with it, by force if necessary. Britain, under its ultra-far-right Tory government, has already conceded. Leaving the E.U. was a well-masterminded accomplishment to that end.

One can only hope that Europe, Australasia, and certain other U.S. ‘allies’ don’t take the same road. It’s time for them to say, “Enough is enough!”

[1] “Justine Damond killed by Minneapolis police: What we know” BBC, July 19th 2017

[2] “Delta tells Ann Coulter she can have her $30 back, but she won’t stop raging on Twitter” Washington Post, July 17th 2017

2 Replies to “America – Enough Is Enough!”

  1. I would not consider ‘great’ a military that has not won a war in over 70 years. Nor would I consider it a sensible investment when it spends more than several countries combined. If we cut the military budget by only 10%, we’d be able to address some of our major problems, such as a fading infrastructure.


    Dictator Trump

    Al DeVito – very true, yet Trump is about to shower the military with another $54 billion (and some in Congress want MORE!) that could have gone a long way towards repairing the fading infrastructure. I must admit to finding his ‘speech’ on the USS Gerald R Ford recently somewhat OTT:

    “Wherever this vessel cuts through the horizon, our allies will rest easy and our enemies will shake with fear because everyone will know that America is coming, and America is coming strong,”

    Which enemies will they be, Donald? Russia, China, North Korea, ISIS? Iran, perhaps? Right now, none seem too daunted by the might of the US military. I doubt one more warship will alter their opinions.

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