America – Air Disaster Or Train Wreck?

On September 7th the Russian ice hockey team, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, was all but wiped out when the aircraft they were traveling in burst into flames and crashed shortly after take-off. Twenty-seven of the team died in the crash. There were only two survivors: a member of the crew and one of the players.[1]

Despite eleven foreign nationals being on board the aircraft, including the team’s Canadian coach, in America yesterday evening NBC Nightly News failed to mention the accident. Brian Williams was too busy preening himself for the Republican presidential-hopefuls debate to be concerned with what was happening in Russia.

Far more important to NBC News was the circus of clowns cavorting on the rostrum of the Reagan Library that evening. Anybody who was anybody was there. Even Air Force One was in the audience.

There was a time when America was a great country. Some of its major politicians were actually honorable. Yet, it only took one glance through the posse of weirdos straddled across the rostrum of the Reagan Library on Wednesday evening to realize how low this nation has fallen.

The only two remotely sane candidates were a Libertarian has-been who wants to do away with government, and yet another Mormon from Utah intent on abolishing a woman’s right to control her own body.

Man, you can sure spot a Mormon by his smile!

The rest were a bunch of pseudo-Christian ideologues intent on forcing their own crazed agendas down the throats of the American people. He who was labeled, “the one most likely to succeed”, and is supposedly ahead of them all in the polls, is a Christian Dominionist who denounces the science of climate change as a charade, believes fervently in creationism, the absolute truth of the Bible (except for those parts he doesn’t believe in i.e. “Thou shalt not kill”, “Love thy neighbor”, etc), and that he has been ‘called’ by God.

On April 21st this year he instigated three days of prayer to, “heal our land [Texas]” and bring an end to the drought.”

According to Wikipedia:

The drought became worse after the Days of Prayer. While only 15-17% of the state was undergoing exceptional drought during the Days of Prayer, the percentage grew to 50% a month later, and by late June, more than 70% of the state was experiencing exceptional drought conditions, a level at which it has stayed up to August 18, 2011.”[2]

Indeed, it could be construed that this particular politician is well out of favor with the Almighty, who appears to be playing games with him. Two recent storms, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, may have somewhat relieved Texans of their drought, had they stayed on track. Despite the ‘three days of prayer’ both storms veered away from Texas and dumped their rain on the east coast instead.

Overall, the outlook for America is dim. The incumbent president is hellbent on emulating the late Neville Chamberlain, no other Democrat appears willing to challenge his position, and the American people have a history of voting for the ‘other side’ whenever the party in power appears to fail them.

Perhaps, after all, it was understandable that Brian Williams and NBC News didn’t mention the loss of life in the Russian air disaster. They were too busy reporting the train wreck on their own doorstep.

[1] “Russia’s Lokomotiv ice hockey team in air disaster” BBC, September 7th 2011

[2] “Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas” Wikipedia

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2 Replies to “America – Air Disaster Or Train Wreck?”

  1. Well said RJ! I watched only half of the debate, then we switched over to America’s Got Talent. LOL! Watching dancing, singing, making magic etc. is definitely preferable to watching those bozos for long.

    Perry is dangerous – the most dangerous of any on that stage, I’d say. He’s getting an inordinate amount of support and backing from media. I hope that’s not an indication that he’s the new “Chosen One”!

    You seem not to be impressed by Huntsman. I actually like the guy. I don’t agree with some of his stances, of course – he’s Republican – but he’s way, way more acceptable than the rest of ’em. He’s Morman, but married to an Episcopalian, I think I read that his kids go to an Episcopalian school. He does not tout his religion. If he ran as Independent I’d be tempted to vote for him. How much worse could he be than Obama? With a strong Dem congress he might be much better….if such could be ensured. Daydreams, of course.

  2. Well said, sir~
    I am more than relieved I don’t own a teevee and I’m staying at my daughter’s at the moment and neither does she.
    I can’t bear to see the uber travesty that is the American Dream (a term I’ve always despised)trashed and rendered unconscious by the Annointed One.
    Hope vanished a long time ago when the media were purloined and perverted.
    You must be glad you find your own “Dream”.

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