All About Domination (2)

From: R J Adams – Sparrow Chat

To: Matt Marshall, Communications Director, BBC America.



As an ex-pat living six years in the States, it didn’t take long to realise the US television news media drew a fine line between news and indoctrination. For most of those six years, my lifeline was the thirty minutes of BBC World News broadcast by our local PBS station at 5.00am and 5.00pm each weekday.

That lifeline shortened considerably in October 2007, when the evening broadcast was replaced by BBC News America, anchored by Matt Frei.

I have always considered Frei as one of the great news reporters of the BBC; his reports from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina were exacting, and pulled no punches when relating to the inadequacies of the US government response. Since taking on the frontman role of BBC America News, however, my opinion of him has drastically declined. He now appears to have metamorphosed into just another Washington lackey.

The program itself has degenerated over the months into a mirror of US establishment media news, such as NBC, CBS, and ABC, with much emphasis on matters unrelated to serious issues in the world today. As an example, yesterday’s (Thursday 10th July 2008) program broadcast twelve minutes of newsworthy material, although the headline piece on Iran’s missile tests was so one-sided, due to Frei’s pro-American stance, that Jon Leyne in Iran had to defend the Iranian viewpoint against Frei’s attacks. Much of the remaining programme time was wasted by what was nothing short of an infomercial for the new Apple iPhone, closely followed by a long and tedious promotion for a new film about the equally tedious and long dead, Hunter S Thompson.

The one major item of news yesterday, totally omitted by the BBC and all US news channels, concerned the use of US bases in Iraq by Israeli warplanes which, according to Iraqi and Pakistani news sources, were regularly flying within Iraqi airspace:

REF: Link included

Perhaps I might have an adequate explanation as to why Steve Jobs and Hunter Thompson were considered more important issues than this, and why at no time it was deemed worthy of broadcasting to the American people?


R J Adams
Illinois, USA

When pushed into a corner, corporations have a habit of ignoring these type of requests. If any answer is forthcoming, it will be posted here.

Of course, the reason this news wasn’t broadcast within the US or UK isn’t difficult to fathom. Twenty-four hours later, the information is common knowledge, thanks to the internet, so it will be interesting to note if the establishment media make any mention.

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