All About Domin-ation

Both the US and UK media are making much of Iran’s recent missile tests, with much huffing and puffing from politicians, adroit whipping up of fervor from news anchors, and mutterings of ‘provocation‘, ‘retaliation‘, ‘determination‘, and many other words ending in ‘ation‘, all uttered with grim indign-ation.

Sadly, what’s missing from all this hot air is even a modicum of truth.

Iran is provoking neither the West, nor Israel, with its military displays. Iran is hardly the aggressor. It is the West and Israel who are saber-rattling once again in the region.

Only a few weeks ago, Israel undertook war games widely viewed as rehearsals for an assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Pressure by the US on Eastern Europe to accept missile defense systems on their territory, and the lengths to which Bush and his minions are pursuing that aim, invoking the threat of another cold war with Russia in order to achieve it, are further proof of the militaristic intent of the West to encircle Iran and Syria with armor.

Iran is behaving like any schoolboy under threat from a load of bullying yobs; attempting to appear stronger than it really is, with a show of military might it hopes will cause the bullies to reconsider.

Anyone who doubts the militaristic intent of countries like the US and Israel towards Iran, a nation that stands as the last real barrier to US domination of the region, should ask themselves for what other purpose Israeli warplanes would be using US bases in Iraq, and flying regularly through Iraqi airspace.[1]

It’s strange how Western media outlets have totally failed to broadcast that item of interest to the world.

All-in-all, I think, a definite case of…… procrastin-ation?

[1] “Israeli jets using Iraq’s airspace” Pakistan Daily, July 10th 2008

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One Reply to “All About Domin-ation

  1. Where is the U.S. and Western media in letting us know that we have allowed Israel to use our bases in Iraq?

    A lot can happen in the less than 200 days Mr. Bush is our president. Perhaps Bush will achieve immortality by being the first president to get us into 3 wars at the same time. Maybe he has been hired by China, Russia, India, etc. to ensure that we will definitely become a second or third tier power as we lose more and more of our young people.

    Reading this is not a pleasant way to begin a day, especially a wonderful summer day on Martha’s Vineyard.

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