Ah, But Just Whose Problem Would It Solve?

“A friend of mine said recently, “We shouldn’t even be there. Let them kill each other. I mean, that would solve the problem. Right?” ~ CNS News.com 06/15/2007

There’s a lot of talk around right now of “Islamofascists” and “Sharia States” and gloomy prophecies of al Qaeda wanting to turn us all into Burkha-wearing slaves of the Prophet Mohammad. Undoubtedly, a few crazy individuals out there dream of just such a happening. But then, there are a few crazy folks out there who dream of Armageddon, or turning the world into a huge pink ice cream and gobbling it all up.

Let us be totally honest with ourselves and stop pretending the Arab is some demon sent by the Devil to torment and enslave poor Christian souls. He is not. One of the excuses produced by overly-patriotic Americans totally unable to visualize their country ever wronging others, is the fact that Arabs are turning on Arabs. If it’s us they hate so much, why are they intent on killing each other? In Iraq, Sunnis are fighting Shias; in Afghanistan, the Taliban are oppressing and killing innocent civilians; in Gaza and the West Bank, Hamas is at the throat of Fatah.

It’s all done, according to the great American ostrich, in pursuit of a worldwide Muslim Sharia State.

How do we, the West, react to this? By arming ourselves to the teeth, dropping the portcullis, raising the drawbridge, and vowing:

“Bring ’em on!”

I’m not sure who are the most dangerous – the fanatics of al Qaeda, or the blind, nationalistic, scared to death, perpetrators of ever more violence against the Middle East who call themselves “intellectual Americans”, but who in truth are nothing more than the products of an overly rampant US Empire desperately attempting to hold its decaying position in the world by force of arms.

Do these people believe that 1,321,851,888 Chinese are going to say “OK” to al Qaeda and don their burkhas with nary a question? Or, for that matter, 1,129,866,154 Indians, of which only 134,000,000 – less than 14% of the population – are Muslims?

The reason Arab has turned against Arab, Muslim against Muslim, is one of despair and hopelessness. Certainly, that sense of despair is utilized and fostered by the fanatics of al Qaeda, but they themselves are of small number. What the West has done over the years, and more lately America and Britain, is feed the hopelessness and despair that drives Arabs to turn into what they see as freedom fighters, what al Qaeda views as martyrs, and what the West declares are “terrorists”.

It is the law of the jungle that a power vacuum will create power struggles to fill it. If there is any doubt as to that, just watch the bevy of US presidential hopefuls bite and claw at each other over the next sixteen months. The Iraq war and its aftermath was one of the biggest cock-ups in military history. The power vacuum it has left in Iraq is huge. Maliki’s “government” is a farce of American imperialist puppetry. Sunni and Shia are vying bloodily to fill the gap. Al Qaeda has moved into play on the Sunni side – they would, they are Sunnis – because George W Bush and his associates failed miserably to understand the culture and politics of the region.

It is true that most of the so-called “terrorist” activity in Europe, and even the events of 9/11/2001, had nothing directly to do with the Iraq war, the Afghanistan Taliban situation, or the Palestinian problem. Young men are easily co-opted into extremism when they are offered a cause. But it is wrong to suggest that 9/11 had nothing to do with American policy in the Middle East. Does anyone seriously believe that if America and the West had offered a sincere hand of friendship and assistance to Arab nations throughout the twentieth century, provided aid and improved poverty levels, stayed out of regional politics instead of using and abusing, imposing sanctions that crippled whole populations while their dictatorial leaders prospered and the West sold them weapons galore that massacred thousands of Arab innocents…….if….if the West had treated the Arab world with respect rather than disdain, it is unlikely 9/11 would ever have happened.

America is not known throughout the Arab world as the “Great Satan” for no reason.

So, to all you who believe you have studied the problem in a balanced manner and come to the conclusion your innocent nation is the victim of an Islamofascist conspiracy to enslave you for the Prophet, let me suggest your reasoning is most unbalanced, utterly flawed, and that you are in fact a victim of nothing more than your own self-delusion.

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  1. The U.S. is a very inward-looking country convinced of its rightness. True, we have done some great things, some of which benefited the world. But, it is equally true that we have done some nasty things, the worst of which is our assumption that only we are good and just and truly deserving of our material riches. We need more exposure to the other 6 billion people living with us.

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