“Absolutely Justifiable” Says Legal Expert.

Reporting tonight on the shooting to death, by plains clothes police officers, of a New York man on his wedding day, NBC Nightly News aired one brief section of an interview with Dr Maria Haberfield of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In Haberfield’s expert opinion, for police to fire fifty shots into a car containing three young unarmed men was ““not excessive”.

She said, “….it was absolutely justified…..and…the police officers…..if asked to I would testify on their behalf.”

Bearing in mind, Dr Haberfield is an expert witness – the only person legally entitled to express an opinion in a court of law – has this nation now become, or is it at least well on its way to becoming, a police state?

Would America not condemn such opinion, if expressed by the “legal expert” of a banana republic?

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4 Replies to ““Absolutely Justifiable” Says Legal Expert.”

  1. Mr. Adams,

    I was stunned to see this story break on TV news — the sheer lunacy of it almost stopped my heart. As for Dr. Haberfield, I suspect she doesn’t consider bringing cannon to bear on gnats a case of “overkill”, either.

    My God, we have gone mad.

  2. Xristi – Britain and America seem lately to be awash with so-called “experts” who think a degree in some obscure indiscipline is a green light to express views we are all supposed to blindly accept – even, as in this case, when they totally defy logic.

    Pissed Off Patricia – they’re all wannabe Terminators. Over time anyone suspicious is seen as the enemy, and the police become de-humanized; taking a life is no more real to many of them than the gruesome video games they probably amuse themselves with when off-duty.

  3. These legal experts are a dime a dozen. We can have one testify to anything we want. Same goes for scientific evidence. They are not going to get away with this that easy. This is just their first pass at trying to get out of it. In the long run, the city will pay millions and hopefully the officers will be on long, long term leaves.

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