A Thought For Easter

The birds are back from their winter migration. For the last week or so, a female robin has been assiduously attempting to build a nest on top of an outside light fastened to the back wall of our house, overlooking the deck.

She’s doomed to failure, but appears impervious to that fact. The light has a smooth, polished aluminum top only three inches in diameter. Each time she places her straw or twigs to make her nest, they fall ignominiously to the deck. She perches awkwardly atop the light, then squats a little, shuffling round in a circle, as though to smooth the interior of the non-existent habitation. Momentarily she pauses, as though noting the futility of her task, then flies away only to return a few minutes later with more nest-building material.

The light is now festooned, twigs and straw dangle forlornly from its bracket. Still, the bird returns trailing dead vegetation, seemingly oblivious to her wasted efforts.

There are some who would watch the bird and see her as a metaphor for the human species: our desperate attempt to build peaceful coexistence throughout the world; a task doomed to fail, yet still vainly striven after.

Then there are others who just see a stupid bird.

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2 Replies to “A Thought For Easter”

  1. It’s the striving after it that might…I said MIGHT….make a difference. Not for the bird, but for our species. We do have a little more brain power to draw upon than the little robin – though in many cases this isn’t obvious.

    The very fact that people like you, and me and WWW and millions of others can see what’s wrong is a step in the right direction. If nobody could see anything wrong and nobody had ever seen anything wrong – then we’d be in even deeper doo-doo.

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