3 Replies to “A Man The Palestinian’s……”

  1. Not one effing clue does this moron have about diplomacy and neither, obviously, do the sycophants around him. Lordamercy, Georgie’s been tossed out of his playpen again!

  2. Call me alarmist if you want to, but what with all the Bush to-ing and fro-ing right now in the Middle East – including Israel – and the upping of an Iran ‘confrontation’ talk, with special mention of Israel …. well …

    Could it be that Israel will soon be making some ‘tactical’ air strikes? Against supposed nuke/WMD producing plants?

    Could it be that other Arab states are being told in advance what’s looming? And told not to worry because Isarel will stop at Iran?

    Or am I really being driven to complete paranoia of late?

  3. WWW – what can I say? You describe it to a “T”.

    TOB – alarmist? No, I don’t think so. Despite the reports from US intelligence agencies recently, Bush is once again touting his “Iranian nuclear threat” around the Middle East, using every opportunity to publicize his views. Iran, while hardly a pariah in the region, is regarded with suspicion by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and some other Arab nations, due to its large Shia majority – the others being predominantly Sunni, of course. George Bush will probably have, if not sympathetic ears, then certainly a hearing from those Arab governments. Israel is undoubtedly itching to have a go at Iran’s nuclear facilities and Bush’s somewhat surprise visit showed more than a measure of support for Olmert’s government. Also, the coincidental release of a video purporting to show Iranian “gunboats” harassing the US navy in the Straits of Hormuz, with obviously doctored audio to make it more menacing, adds substance to your theory. As for paranoia, I think we’re all paranoid about Bush and what he’ll do next. Is it any wonder?

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