A Load Of Turkey – And Bull

Following an outbreak of H5N1 at a Bernard Matthews Poultry Farm in southern England this week, 160,000 birds were slaughtered. The reason for the outbreak remains a mystery.

At least, it does to this writer.

According to British Ministry of Agriculture veterinarians, the cause of the outbreak has been pinpointed to infected meat imported from Hungary.

Is anyone else asking how infected meat imported from Hungary led to the discovery of H5N1 flu virus in turkeys at a farm in southern England?

Apparently not.

According to the British government’s chief scientist, Professor Sir David King, “the H5N1 virus could be picked up by other birds or animals if they came into contact with infected meat.”

So, was Bernard Matthews, the multi-national company that owned the infected farm, feeding infected turkey meat to the turkeys it was rearing?

It seems no-one is prepared to address that question.

The government’s chief scientist, and the BBC, would rather waffle on about the safety of properly cooked meat and how to ensure any infected turkey that arrives at your oven is properly roasted to ensure the virus has no opportunity to make you victim number “God knows how many”!

Do they think we are totally naive?

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3 Replies to “A Load Of Turkey – And Bull”

  1. Rumsfeld’s stock in Tamiflu continues to rise. This whole Avian flu business and all the poultry killed is just such a waste of the cheap meat that is chicken – the only meat eaten by many poorer people. Reminds me of Mad Cow Disease. They went about killing lots of cattle until it was discovered in America and then the slaughter ended.

  2. It is very common to feed the remains of dead animals to other animals and this is the source of a number of diseases and tainted food source. It’s done because it’s a cheap way to build bulk and thus get more for the animal at slaughter time. So, we get sick, they get the money.

  3. Flimsy – such is the state of politics in the world that our so-called “leaders” cannot be trusted, whatever they tell us. “Special interests” has become an acceptable phrase, where once it was considered suspect. Who knows if these scares, that happen so regularly, are real or invented? My guess is, a bit of both. When something like H5N1 comes along, the first reaction of those in power is, “How can we make lots of money from this?”

    PM – industrial cannibalism was rife throughout Europe for years. Pigs were fed pork; chickens ate poultry offal; cows were fed beef byproducts. Legislation has stopped much of it today, plus the move to organic food forced on the industry by consumer demand. I think US legislation lags behind Europe, due to a more successful lobbying industry in this country. As a result, in the last four years I have certainly moved to a more vegetarian diet and would never consider eating anywhere like McDonalds.

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