A Little More Disturbing Each Day

My last post dealt with the similarities between the present US administration and the German Nazi party of the late 1930’s – early 40’s.

It would seem the White House has already recruited certain members of that organization, to judge from this photograph –


– and THIS ARTICLE from the British Daily Mail newspaper of September 29th.

According to the article, this lady – yes, it is a female – told a party of six British Members of Parliament, “I hate all Iranians.”

The woman is Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary Robert Gates. The MP’s were visiting the US Pentagon to discuss America’s stance on Iran and Iraq.

Ms Cagan’s physical demeanor and mindset appear highly reminiscent of the Nazi policies of Adolf Hitler and – Hermann Goring?


Or, is it just the hairstyles?

My thanks to “This Old Brit” for the article.

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  1. Anan – ah, yes, Ilse Koch, I’d forgotten about her. I believe they called her the “Witch of Buchenwald.” She was not nearly so glamorous as her counterpart in the film.

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