A Happy Thanksgiving – At Least For Some Of Us

As the eve of Thanksgiving is upon us, we pause a moment to think of the wealthy people of Mumbai, India, enduring the horrors of terrorism as armed thugs invade their five-star hotels and lay waste to the foie gras and Château de Chasselas.[1]

How comforting for them, and for us, to be assured our respective American and British governments have lost no time in “condemning” the violence. British prime minister, Gordon Brown, was heard to suggest a rapid-reaction force be deployed, but an aide quickly whispered in his ear, reminding him we’d left the days of Empire behind, and the Indian armed forces must now deal with the problem unaided.

Meanwhile, at Bangkok Airport, protesters have prevented flights from leaving for the second day running.[2] The BBC news this morning aired the grievances of one American gentleman, complaining to a female Thai airport official:

“Have you any idea of the tens of thousands of people whose plans you’ve screwed up? Tomorrow is a real big holiday in the States and many people will miss it because of some cockamamie little protest that you’ve got going.”

How terribly, terribly, American of him.

(Note: ‘cockamamie’: an Americanism – “ridiculous, pointless, or nonsensical”)

Meanwhile, at the US White House, George W Bush is much happier knowing the crimes and atrocities he’s been responsible for over the last eight years will not be coming home to roost. He can live out his retirement without fear of retribution. According to reports, he was today officially pardoned by a turkey.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all Sparrow Chat readers.

[1] “Mumbai rocked by deadly attacks” BBC, November 26th 2008

[2] “Thai protesters shut down airport” BBC, November 26th 2008

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5 Replies to “A Happy Thanksgiving – At Least For Some Of Us”

  1. It was brought home to me how insular the UK news has become – I know that they have to try and put a ‘local’ spin on things, but the BBC UK headline first thing this morning was “7 British hurt in Mumbai attack” and the Metro screamed “British citizens targetted in Mumbai” – whilst the terrorists might have been “seeking out” British and American passport holders – there are over 100 people dead, and I imagine that most of them would be Mumbai residents 🙁

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, RJ.

    It’s a sad reflection on us westerners that we put ourselves first in all things. It’d not be so bad if the news story was covered generally first, with a last para stating that X number of Brits of Americans were injured or killed. Gut when they insist on making that one of the first points they make, it’s sickening, I agree.

    It’s the same with regard to Iraq, always the American casualties are counted very precisely, no mention of Iraqi civilians.

    Let’s hope Obama’s presidency will sow seeds of change.

  3. Backatcha, RJA, I hope it is one filled with thanks for this good life we all have on this side of the world.
    Was it ever thus on the complete insularity of some of these good-lifers, immune to the pain, suffering, atrocities and death inflicted upon their ‘lessers’?
    The sins are all coming home to roost (no pun intended)now.

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