A Despicable, Last-Ditch, Attempt?

“Vineyard Views”[1] is highlighting a report in today’s Sunday Times[2] suggesting that Utah Republican senator, Chris Cannon, (he’s the one who landed on a list of corrupt members of Congress back in 2006, for alleged disreputable dealing with his lobbyist brother, Joe[3]) has contacted an Oxford don, Dr Peter Millican, the inventor of a software program capable of detecting plagiarism, and asked him to verify whether Barack Obama’s autobiography was ghostwritten by ex-Weathermen founder, William Ayres.

Millican says he was offered $10,000 by Cannon’s brother-in-law, California businessman, Robert Fox, to prove the presidential nominee’s book, “Dreams from my Father,” was written by Ayres, now a Chicago university professor.

It would seem the Republican party has plumbed new depths of depravity during this election campaign. To consider that tactics of this level would prove acceptable to the American people, only serves to clarify the GOP’s gutter-opinion of the electorate.

Read more on this topic, and its outcome, by accessing the links below.

[1] “They believe in the power of the computer”, Vineyard Views, November 2nd 2008

[2] “Republicans try to use Oxford don to smear Barack Obama”, Sunday Times, November 2nd 2008

[3] “Chris Cannon lashed for brotherly dealing”, CREW, September 21st 2006

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