A British Prime Minister With No Manners

Frankly, I find this video both embarrassing and disgusting. Many will have already viewed it, as it relates to Barack Obama’s visit to Britain last month.

It’s good to see a world leader so in touch with the ordinary people – even to the London bobby at his post. Unfortunately, the man accompanying the US president doesn’t possess such good manners, lacking any affinity with those he is supposed to represent.

Gordon Brown’s snub of the police officer, whose hand Barack Obama grasped seconds before, is indicative of the low standards displayed by British Labour politicians of our time. No longer are these people representatives of the population. They regard themselves as an elite of British society.

Sadly for them, their egos will cost them their jobs at the next general election.

Sadly, for the people of Britain, those who will replace them will be no better.

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3 Replies to “A British Prime Minister With No Manners”

  1. Thanks for that clip, RJ, I’d not seen it before. However, I’m in no way surprised. Like yourself, it’s no more than I would expect of a man with such little ‘class’.

    Also, like yourself, I’ve lately fell behind on my posting output ~ as well as falling behind with my reading. I can see I’ll have to catch up here, no matter how many or how few of you posts I’ve missed, since I know it will be worth my while.

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