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  1. I saw the interview yesterday (we get the Daily Show a day late in the UK) and had my jaw hanging open – particularly the fact that he made good on his election promises within 8 months of the election!

    Just wish that someone with influence would listen to him….

  2. I’ve always like Morales and for the most part I thought he gave a good interview but one thing did trouble me. When Stewart asked him how he worked this out (ie: land re-distribution) with the people who had held the land, he did not answer the question but spun off on his own talking points. Much as some would like to, you can’t ignore even the people you don’t like or you’ve become the same as those you replaced. Didn’t work out so well for Zimbabwe so I hope he’s handling it better than they did.

    In any case, it’s their country so we need to take a more hands off approach for once whatever our opinions about how they’re choosing to do things.

  3. Jo – welcome to Sparrow Chat. Morales certainly seems to be moving things along in Bolivia much faster than his predecessors, most of whom, let’s face it, didn’t try too hard.

    NYM – it still hasn’t been worked out to everyone’s satisfaction, but there has been a law in Bolivia for decades stating all land within 50 kilometers (just over 30 miles) of the border may not be legally settled by foreigners. In contravention of this, thousands of hectares have been appropriated by Brazilian and Paraguayan entrepreneurs. The Bolivian government is in process of taking back this land, while at the same time appropriating hundreds of thousands of hectares, foreign owned, but left un-worked and unproductive. According to a UN report back in, I think 2005, 25 million hectares of land are owned by just 100 families, while 2 million small farmers have access to only 5 million hectares. The land owners can’t say this has suddenly been thrust upon them. Land reform laws were passed nine years ago. It was simply that previous presidents have failed to implement them satisfactorily. Morales, it would appear, is more efficient.

  4. Thanks for the explanation, I couldn’t find much of anything about it when I looked. Similar laws in Mexico so that makes sense. Other than that point I thought it was a great interview.

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