A Bit Of Anglo-French Entente Cordiale?

This is the Atlantic Ocean:


It’s large. In fact, it’s very, very, large. The Atlantic Ocean covers over 41 million square miles of the Earth’s surface.

This is the Atlantic Ocean with a nuclear-armed submarine highlighted.


Even though it may be on the surface, cruising at about eighteen knots, unfortunately, you won’t actually be able to see it. It’s way, way, too small.

This is an image of the Earth, showing rather a lot of orbiting satellites, put there specifically to aid communications and navigation.


Despite the Atlantic Ocean being so very, very, large, and even though a nuclear submarine is really very tiny by comparison; notwithstanding 17,000 satellites zooming around above our heads designed to prevent it happening, earlier this month, this……


……managed to collide with, this……


……in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.[1]

And neither even knew the other was there.

Given the payload carried by both vessels, it does little to inspire confidence.

[1] “Nuclear subs collide in Atlantic” BBC, February 16th 2009

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3 Replies to “A Bit Of Anglo-French Entente Cordiale?”

  1. I haad a WTF when I read this first, RJA, and wondered are they really this stupid? And then I had a flash (for some reason, this is the way my brain fires)to the deck of the carrier and the mission accomplished banner.
    And nodded my head. And said yes we are.
    My inner cynic slept.

  2. I don’t remember such dire accidents occurring to subs during WWII (unless under attack).
    What’s happened – have they lost the manual, I Wonder. 😉
    WWW thought WTF – I thought RTFM !!

  3. There was a time a lady never used such acronyms – though I guess that went out with WWII as well? 😉

    I suppose it could be argued – “They’re no ladies, they’re my readers!” 😉

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