9/11 – What Will You Remember?

Set out below are the words of George W Bush as he announced that henceforth September 11th would be known as ‘Patriot Day’:

A Proclamation by the President on Patriot Day 2008:

“September 11, 2001, was etched into America’s memory when 19 terrorists attacked us with barbarity unequaled in our history. On Patriot Day, we cherish the memory of the thousands of innocent victims lost, extend our thoughts and prayers to their families, and honor the heroic men and women who risked and sacrificed their lives so others might survive.

Since 9/11, we have recognized the threat posed by terrorists to the safety of the American people and worked to protect our homeland by fighting terrorists abroad. We are confronting terrorism by advancing freedom, liberty, and prosperity as an alternative to the ideologies of hatred and repression. Our Nation pays tribute to our courageous men and women in uniform serving around the world and the devoted members of our law enforcement, public safety, and intelligence communities at home who work night and day to protect us from harm and preserve the freedom of this great Nation.

Seven years ago, ordinary citizens rose to the challenge, united in prayer, and responded with extraordinary acts of courage, with some giving their lives for the country they loved. On Patriot Day, we remember all those who were taken from us in an instant and seek their lasting memorial in a safer and more hopeful world. We must not allow our resolve to be weakened by the passage of time. We will meet the test that history has given us and continue to fight to rid the world of terrorism and promote liberty around the globe.

By a joint resolution approved December 18, 2001 (Public Law 107-89), the Congress has designated September 11 of each year as ‘Patriot Day.'”

It’s right that we should remember those who died on September 11th 2001. They were the innocents, going about their day by day lives with no thought of the horrors to which they would be so cruelly and violently subjected.

While we remember them, let us remember other victims associated with the attacks of 9/11/2001:

The many Russian soldiers killed and maimed fighting the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. They died because America supplied the weapons to the Afghan “freedom fighters” who killed them. The offspring of those “freedom fighters” are now named ‘terrorist’ by the US government. Osama bin Laden, himself, was supplied with weaponry by the United States to kill Russian soldiers.

Let us also remember the 241 US marines slaughtered when a truck bomb blew up their barracks in Lebanon, in 1983. They had no right to be there. To this day, no-one really knows what purpose they served, except it was at Ronald Reagan’s whim.

Let us remember the thousands of Iranians and Iraqis slaughtered during the Iran-Iraq war, with weapons of mass destruction sold to Saddam Hussein by the United States, while also being sold secretly to the Iranian mullahs (later revealed in the Iran-Contra scandal, that should have seen the impeachment of Ronald Reagan) just to ensure the war was prolonged so US arms dealers could get rich on the immeasurable suffering of two countries.

Let us remember the 297 innocents (including 66 children), who in 1988 were on Iranian Air Flight 655 when it was blown out of the sky by the US missile cruiser, “Vincennes” – illegally in Iranian waters – as the Airbus A300 was flying over the Straits of Hormuz, well within Iranian airspace.

Let us also remember the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Iraqi innocents dead because of the US government’s unwarranted invasion of that country, using the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to commit an international war crime, and the five million children of that country now orphaned as a result.

All are, to some degree, linked to the attacks of 9/11. Add them together, and the 3,000 or so Americans who died at the WTC and Pentagon pale into some insignificance.

Was 9/11, as suggested by a certain infamous pastor, the result of ‘America’s chickens coming home to roost’?

Hardly chickens; the attacks of 9/11 were the only way possible for aggrieved and frustrated “freedom fighters” (an American description) to hit back at the imperialism and cold-blooded militarism of the United States in the Middle East.

Not chickens, but all the barbarism, corruption, profiteering, invasive militarism, and imperialistic endeavors of the United States, in a campaign to secure its inane thirst for oil at any cost, came home to roost on September 11th 2001.

Instead of learning wisdom from the horrific event, it sent America on yet another wild and bloody venture that has wrecked one nation and torn another to pieces.

Perhaps, when we share our moments of silence at 8.46 and 9.02 today, above all else, these are the things we should remember?

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6 Replies to “9/11 – What Will You Remember?”

  1. RJ – While everything you say is true enough, I don’t think today is the day to be saying it.

    Stirring up more anti-American feeling isn’t likely to help. Our own motherland has caused its share of horror over the years. No country has clean hands. Let’s not fuel an undercurrent of hate against this country, RJ. Let’s just do anything we can, however small to ensure that the future is better than the past.

    The families and friends of those who died in New York deserve respect, this is their day, I hope they can take some comfort from it.

  2. The worst legacy of 9/11 is the excuse it offered the current administration to invade a sovereign country that had nothing to with 9/11 and commit atrocities in the names of the innocents who died in the WTC.
    But those innocents need to be remembered along with the perpetrator, Osama Bin Laden, who remains at large.

  3. Twilight – I’m not fueling anything, merely stating facts. The first question on every American’s lips after 9/11 was, “Why?”

    The only official answer: “Because they’re jealous of our way of life.”

    That was a blatant lie. You speak of Britain’s own bloody past: was it jealousy over our way of life that fueled the Great Indian Rebellion of 1857? No, it wasn’t, but when news of it reached Britain the question on everyone’s lips was, “Why?”

    The immediate reaction of the British people to the Indian Rebellion was similar to that of Americans after 9/11 – bloodlust reigned. Fortunately, the British government soon realized it was at fault and took measures to remedy the discontent in India.

    One of the major factors in the rebellion in which many thousands on both sides died, often horribly (Indians prefer the name ‘War of Independence’) was the huge numbers of Christian missionaries entering the country and trying to usurp Indian religions. The British government curtailed this activity after 1858. It, and other placating measures, did much to pacify the country, and is one of the primary reasons why India remained linked to Britain through the Commonwealth, even after Independence.

    Unfortunately, the US is not taking a similar sane course in the Middle East. It was imperialism, coupled with a deep-rooted fear that Islam was under onslaught, that created the climate that allowed 9/11 to occur. US politicians and most citizens remain in total denial of that glaring fact.

    So long as Americans spend their annual 9/11’s bemoaning the great wrong done to them for no reason, as their politicians insist, they’ll likely suffer another before too long. I make no apologies for pointing out facts too obvious for many to grasp, or for choosing today to do it, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so even if my wife or daughter had been a victim of that day.

    In fact, it would make me even more determined.

    WWW – America is a nation made up of three hundred million people, all who think differently, but America as a ‘nation’ doesn’t give a damn for anyone or anything not-American. There were far more victims of 9/11 over the years, than the three thousand who actually died in 2001. You rightly indicate the atrocity that is still the Iraq war.

    My heart bleeds for those who lost loved ones seven years ago today, for their grief will never go away. I also bleed for the many families throughout the Middle East, grieving for their loved ones, innocents slaughtered by a US foreign policy that is both cold-blooded and merciless.

  4. Only people in america still think that the Muslims had anything to do with 911. The rest of the world has pretty well come to consensus that it was the american government, in league with rogue agents from israel and britain, who perpetrated the atrocity.

    Links are too numerous to mention.
    And i’m too ruddy cheesed off at the whole slander to go dig them up and present a ten page retort, to be frank.

    Since it’s Ramadhan, i think i’ll just go pray for the innocents and cry a little while over the stupidity of mankind, if you don’t mind.

    Ramadhan Kareem.

  5. Mass murder definitely is a crime and should have been treated as one. Some good investigation might have explained building 7 and other strange anomalies but the truth might have stood in the way of taking advantage of the event. I just read the book, Mistakes were Made but Not by Me about cognitive dissonance and how people avoid the truth that conflicts with their self image. An interesting line was that “the victors write the history but the victims write the memoirs”. Guess which is more accurate.

  6. Anan – not at all. It’s good that somebody cries over mankind’s stupidity.

    Ramadhan Kareem.

    Flimsy – I agree. 9/11 should never have been treated as a ‘war’. But, then, Bush wouldn’t have been able to invade Iraq, would he?
    I imagine the victim’s have the more accurate accounts. The heroic exploits of victors always swell with the telling.

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