2007 – A Year Of Hope?

The usual trend among journalists and writers at his time of year is one of optimistic speculation. The old year has just ended; surely the new one offers hope of a brighter future, a new beginning, a fresh raison d’etre.

It would be hard to imagine, certainly on a global level, that things could get any worse, so perhaps cautious optimism is not so unrealistic. On the other hand, there is little to suggest much will improve over the next twelve months. Conjecture falls short of certainty, but some speculative bets might tempt even the most prudent gambler. For example, the thousand-to-one odds offered by some bookmakers that George W Bush’s much awaited “New Plan” for winning the war in Iraq will fetch Americans and Iraqis out onto the streets cheering. I have failed to uncover even one writer sufficiently optimistic to suggest he may possibly have the answer – and at the right moment will produce it with a flourish, like a white rabbit from up some sleazy magician’s sleeve.

Then, there’s the vexed question of global warming. To date, the only admission from the White House that the planet is heating up at an alarming rate has been a tentative agreement to render the polar bear an endangered species. Terrific for the polar bear, but what about us? Has it still not sunk into our president’s thick Texas skull that polar bears may not be the only species endangered by global warming? Obviously not, though following a recent hasty retreat from his ranch due to a very unseasonal tornado threat, he was observed to gaze skywards with a far-away look that might possibly have hinted at a passing………thought?

Perhaps there is yet a ray of hope for the world in 2007.

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5 Replies to “2007 – A Year Of Hope?”

  1. The boxboy at my grocery store said he was glad for global warming because he didn’t like the cold. I decided not to mention the possibilities for drought and famine – see I am in the holiday mood.

  2. To say nothing of more tornadoes, extremes of heat, wild hurricanes, devastating earthquakes, catastrophic tsunamis…….

    No, you were right not to mention famine and drought….

    Happy New year!

  3. A passing thought? Naw, I think it was just a little gas. I really do think there will be big changes only it won’t come from anyone in office, it will come from the general population who have had it up to the eyeballs with this administration and congress. I think we will hear more and more outrage and it will come from new places that haven’t been on the radar before.

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