Brits, Kiss Your NHS Goodbye

The cat is finally out of the bag. As Sparrow Chat has been opining for the last decade and more, Britain’s National Health Service will be privatised and subject to a system based on US capitalist healthcare, if the Tories get their way – and right now it’s looking highly likely they will.

Back in 2016, Sparrow Chat ran a post detailing the follow up to ‘Atlantic Bridge’, Liam Fox’s “charity” that turned out to be a cover for US/UK power-mongers to connive and plan to make themselves immensely rich. A major part of those plans was to grab the UK National Health Service and bring it under the vulture-like wings of US drug and insurance corporations, making healthcare in the UK as costly and out-of-reach for many, as its counterpart in America.

The Guardian revealed the truth about Atlantic Bridge back in October 2011, with the headline…

“Liam Fox’s Atlantic Bridge linked top Tories and Tea Party activists”

Twenty US business leaders assembled in Pittsburgh in October 2006 to pay court to the coming man of British politics. They could have been forgiven for thinking Liam Fox, with his neatly parted hair and clipped Scottish accent, resembled the GP he had once been, rather than a potential Tory leader.

But, although few of the business leaders knew much about the shadow defence secretary, they were familiar with his charity, the Atlantic Bridge. This was the organisation whose patron, Lady Thatcher, was lionised in the US for her support of the free market and American military airbases on British soil. It was the organisation whose members in 2004 were ushered into the White House to be briefed by Karl Rove, George W Bush’s special counsel. And it was the organisation whose cocktail parties in the Carlton Club in London and Charlie Palmer’s steakhouse in Washington were high points of the transatlantic social calendar.

Shortly after addressing the business leaders at Pittsburgh’s Duquesne Club – “the finest city club in the country”– Fox explained that the Atlantic Bridge promoted the special relationship between the UK and the US by creating “a network of individual people who can know one another”. He declared: “We are trying to bring people together who have common interests and to recognise that in an ever more globalised economy, we will all be called upon to defend those common interests.”

Last week those interests came back to haunt not just Fox, whose fall on Friday rocked David Cameron’s coalition government, but also many Tory members of the cabinet, whose extensive links to the Atlantic Bridge are now under scrutiny…

…Sparrow Chat ran a later post in 2016, asking:

“Atlantic Bridge – Is It Dead Or Merely Undercover?”


I leave readers to decide, but before doing so, consider these familiar faces…

…in case you’re unsure, the guy at the back is Liam Fox, co-founder of ‘Atlantic Bridge’. Forced to resign from David Cameron’s government over irregularities that threatened UK security, Theresa May brought him back into her government after Cameron’s resignation following the EU referendum, as International Trade Secretary. His job was to dig up trade deals ready for the UK leaving the EU. He was well suited to the post, having used Atlantic Bridge to set up some of the most advantageous trade deals, just needing the UK out of the EU to make them work. Advantageous, that is, to those already wealthy individuals and corporations waiting to pounce on unsuspecting British companies, and the jewel in the crown that is the NHS. Fox keeps himself in the background of politics these days, but make no mistake, he’s very active in steering business and political matters just where he wants them to go.

The three stooges fronting the image are better known: Boris Johnson’s grinning ‘knife-in-the-back’ man, Michael Gove (left); Chris Grayling, the “let’s give thirteen billion pounds to a ferry company with no ships,” transport minister, who still didn’t get fired by Theresa May, and the clown of the Tory circus, Boris Johnson in the middle.

These four were all heavily involved in Atlantic Bridge, as this image (courtesy of Wikipedia) reveals:

We find Fox’s name on the original Executive Board, and in the snapshots at 2005 and 2007; Chris Grayling and Michael Gove were  also originals, and lo and behold, Boris Johnson does a stint in 2005.

Two of the four, Gove and Johnson, are candidates for UK Prime Minister following Theresa May’s resignation last week.

Today, Donald Trump and entourage landed on the lawn at Buckingham Palace. It’s a ‘State’ visit, cleverly arranged by Theresa May so talks on future US/UK trade can be discussed in private both at No 10, and in the US Ambassador’s residence in London.

Yesterday, the Guardian ran another main headline on the subject…

“US wants access to NHS in post-Brexit deal, says Trump ally”

The ‘Trump ally referred to in this headline is none other than the US Ambassador to Britain,  Woody Johnson…

The US will want business access to the NHS in any post-Brexit trade deal, the US ambassador has said, prompting anger from politicians and campaigners before Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK this week.

Woody Johnson, who is a close friend of the US president, said every area of the UK economy would be up for discussion when the two sides brokered a trade deal.

Asked if the NHS was likely to form part of trade negotiations, Johnson told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “I think the entire economy, in a trade deal, all things that are traded would be on the table.” Asked if that specifically meant healthcare, he said: “I would think so.”

The cat is finally out of the bag!



2 Replies to “Brits, Kiss Your NHS Goodbye”

  1. Thank you for this, I wasn’t aware that NHS was in this kind of danger. Depressing indeed! If the people do not now realise that the EU is their friend, than…well…I don’t know what to say anymore!

    Thank you for news of Mrs RJ, too- please pass on my heartfelt wishes to her that she will gain strength and increased well-being soon. The past year has been horrendous for you both.

  2. Twilight ~ one can only hope that now the US ambassador has spilled the beans, so to speak, Brits may now wake up to the fact they’ve been duped over Brexit and the NHS is in very real danger. Of course, there’s bound to be many who know nothing of the horrors of capitalist healthcare in America and happily assume they’ll be better off with it.

    Thanks for your kind wishes to Mrs RJ – I’ve passed them on and she thanks you. The past year has not been a bed of roses for you and Anyjazz, either. We hope your troubles are now behind you.

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