10 Year Old Houston Girl Charged With Aggravated Rape

It happened back in April…in the courtyard of this apartment complex. Quanell X, who has been working with the family, says [nine year old] Ashley was among a group of children playing. That’s when a neighbor saw something and called the mother of a 4 year old boy who was also playing in the group. Ashley was accused of touching the child in his private area…

…Ashley, who was then 9 years old, was playing doctor with the other kids in that courtyard. She was accused of inappropriately touching the 4 year old boy. It was a game that landed the 10 year old at the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center in June…

That’s because the charges and arrest came two months after the initial complaint in April…

…Ashley’s Mother…says the Houston Police sex crimes investigator didn’t allow her to sit in on the questioning of her daughter. She says a 45 minute long interrogation that left her 10 year old in tears…

…Ashley and her mother could not talk about the facts of the case – it’s clear their claiming the young girl did nothing wrong. A girl who has to be consoled by her mother when she talks about being held in juvenile custody those four days.

Ashley says, “when my Mom came to see me I said I wanted to go home and then she said I couldn’t go home and she was like I know you want to go home.”

Ashley is expected to be in court in October on the sexual assault charge.[1]

This girl was held in a detention center for FOUR days by Houston police.

This could be almost any kid in America…or, anywhere else where young kids are curious about other kid’s bits they’re normally not allowed to see.

I’ve never had much respect for Texas, or its populace. Their politics stink. Educationally, it must be one of the most backward states in America. If you doubt it, read the full version of this story by someone who dares to call themselves a reporter. Even the link address is misspelled.

What the hell are we becoming?

[1] “10 year old charged with sexual assault” Fox Houston, August 21st 2013.

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  1. Ridiculous! All kids do this – I remember something along the same lines in my own childhood – though among kids of a similar age, not that it makes much difference when all are under 12 or so.

    Texas and Oklahoma both are terribly backward, especially the rural areas, of which there are many. Their cities are supposed to be a wee bit better, but this story about Houston doesn’t back that up.

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