Aspiration: The Act of Breathing……(Websters)

The US government has issued a warning that Al Qaeda may attempt to attack online stock trading and banking websites, healing starting this Friday.

Homeland Security stated:

“”There is no information to corroborate this aspirational threat. As a routine matter and out of an abundance of caution, find US-CERT issued the situational awareness report to industry stakeholders.”

“No information to corroborate this aspirational threat”?

In this context, cialis then, does “aspirational” mean that Homeland Security is just spouting a “load of hot air”?

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“Proud To Be A Wild Life Slaughterer”

It says a lot about you – what you stick on your car bumper. When I see your pick-up truck with the sign, “I’m a Bowhunter” it tells me a little of the sort of person you are. When the sign is followed by a sticker saying:

“Ditch The Bitch – Let’s Go Deer Hunting”

it says a lot more. It tells me you are self-centered, arrogant and uncaring, both of the world around you and the other species that share this planet with us – except, of course, while in the pursuit of your ego-boosting, barbaric, hobby.

It also tells me you have a derogatory attitude towards the female sex, and consider them worthless creatures created for your convenience – much like the deer you love to slaughter.

It tells me you don’t think for yourself but instead take the easy road, and follow a pattern of life much encouraged by those for whom you choose to vote.

That you are so very keen to display your irresponsibility and ill-mannered aggression to the outside world, bothers me far more than the publishing of ridiculous cartoons of Mohammed, or the Pope, or Jesus Christ.

It tells me you’re proud of your brutishness; that you enjoy strutting it around like some farmyard cock, first in line for the henhouse.

And proud you are. The final sticker – underneath all the others – displays that fact, too:

“Proud To Be An American.”

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“Absolutely Justifiable” Says Legal Expert.

Reporting tonight on the shooting to death, by plains clothes police officers, of a New York man on his wedding day, NBC Nightly News aired one brief section of an interview with Dr Maria Haberfield of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In Haberfield’s expert opinion, for police to fire fifty shots into a car containing three young unarmed men was ““not excessive”.

She said, “….it was absolutely justified…..and…the police officers…..if asked to I would testify on their behalf.”

Bearing in mind, Dr Haberfield is an expert witness – the only person legally entitled to express an opinion in a court of law – has this nation now become, or is it at least well on its way to becoming, a police state?

Would America not condemn such opinion, if expressed by the “legal expert” of a banana republic?

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