Ah! Sunday Morning…….

I really shouldn’t do it, but for some reason – perhaps just a streak of masochism – I can’t resist it.

It’s a Sunday morning, early – around 7 o’clock. The rest of the household is still asleep and I’m limited in my activities because of noise. We have one of those “open-plan” houses so beloved of architects in the eighties. You know, they tried to save a few bob on construction costs by doing away with doors and calling it “fashion.”

For thirty minutes of sanity I watched a recording of the BBC World News, benefiting from the only newscast of this American weekend with relatively little bias – and, some actual news. But by seven-thirty it’s over. Then I start to get the symptoms, the itchy fingers reaching for the TV remote. There’s another half hour to kill before the deliciously conservative CBS “Sunday Morning” magazine program with Charles Osgood, and meanwhile, the religious nutters are beckoning.

Almost unconsciously, I begin to flip the channels.

Statistically, one third of Americans are obese, and Pastor John Hagee is undoubtedly in the top ranks of those numbers. Unlike the “Savior” he continually espouses, Hagee has grown fat preaching a doctrine of hatred, specifically against Islam. First and foremost, Hagee is a Jew lover. He is a prolific writer of nonsense, mostly praising the Jews and slamming everyone else in the Middle East. His latest book, “Jerusalem Countdown” is bound to be a bestseller, bought by the gullible and witless in their tens of thousands.

“Jerusalem Countdown” is just a rehash of that old, done-to-death idea of God using the Middle East conflict as a prelude to Armageddon. In Hagee’s version the Islamists get a good whupping, while to the strains of an angelic choir (of course) Christians and Jews unite in a long procession to Heaven – not least those who have contributed to the spread of Pastor Hagee’s teachings, and of course, his waistline.

“Jerusalem Countdown” contains “shocking information of the impending war”, originating between Israel and Iran, but escalating into the atomic destruction of mankind.

Can we afford not to read it? I don’t see there’s much point. If Armageddon is pre-ordained by God, reading a book isn’t going to make a lot of difference. If it isn’t, Pastor Hagee is, at best, deluded; at worst, an outright liar and charlatan. Personally, I know where my bet would be placed.

So entranced was I with Pastor John, that I missed most of Pastor Benny Hinn on the channel next door. I was just in time to hear him telling me I was “bowed down by demonic forces”. Why? For not accepting Jesus into my life – and contributing to Pastor Benny’s welfare fund.

Sorry, Pastor Benny, but I’m not bowed down by demonic forces. Quite the opposite, in fact. I love my life, always have done, and don’t need the rantings of charlatan preachers like you to tell me otherwise. Of course, I do realise that I won’t end up going to the same “Heaven” as you and Pastor Hagee.

That fact, of itself, helps bring even more joy into my sadly irreligious life.

Ah, it’s eight o’clock on Sunday Morning, and time for Charles Osgood.

Thank God!

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Land Of The – Free, To Do What?

Junk food advertising is to be banned on all TV programs targeting under-16’s by January 2007.

Now that really is a step in the right direction. With obesity reaching epidemic proportions, the government has felt it necessary to take action – despite screams of protest from the junk food industry.

Melanie Leech, spokesperson for the industry called the measures “over the top”, adding, “We are shocked that after a lengthy consultation Ofcom has moved the goalposts……..this issue has always been about advertising to young children and [the] industry responded on that basis with a package of strong measures designed to meet the government’s objective.”

Ah, but as always when industries are left to regulate themselves they never do so effectively, and government must step in and do it for them. Like naughty children, the corporations pout and bluster, claim it’s unnecessary, and feign innocence.

Still, it’s good that a government of the people, by the people, for the people, can step in and regulate such irresponsibility by big business.

If only the American government would do the same!

Oh, didn’t I mention – this legislation is being enacted in the United Kingdom, not the United States.

The American government spent one million dollars in 2004 on a study of this self-same problem. The study group agreed: “There is strong evidence that exposure to television advertising is associated with obesity” and concluded that “most of the food and beverage products promoted to children are high in calories, sugar, salt and fat and low in nutrients.”

Another suggestion by this “study-group” was that Congress should “enhance nutritional standards and create incentives, including awards and tax breaks, to encourage companies to develop and promote healthful products for children and adolescents.” [my underline]

Or, to put it another way – let’s PAY these bastards to stop serving poison to our kids! Dammit, these fat-cat industrialists don’t grow obese on their own products. Their waistlines expand due to fine wines, rich foods, and company lunches – all paid for by the parent whose kid’s health is being ruined by their crap burgers and artery-clogging pop-tarts.

According to a Washington Post article from December 7th, 2005, Daniel L. Jaffe, executive vice president of the Association of National Advertisers, in responding to this report, said:

“”Government stepping in and saying what should be in messages on TV is a very radical proposal and is unconstitutional. If you do it for food, there’s no reason it can’t be done for other controversial product categories. People are already trying to restrict the advertising for prescription drugs.”

Unconstitutional, Mister Jaffe? Tell us whereabouts in the American Constitution it says you have the right to ruin the health of American children for profit?

The advertising of prescription drugs has never been allowed in Britain – and, believe me, Brits are better off for it. They leave their doctors to decide how best to medicate their illnesses. It’s what we pay doctors for, isn’t it?

As for government regulation being unconstitutional, doesn’t the government regulate pornography on TV? Wasn’t a national television network recently fined heavily for accidently broadcasting to the nation a brief glimpse of Janet Jackson’s nipple during a Superbowl game? Or was that just the pornography industry instigating self-regulation?

The Washington Post again:

“The Grocery Manufacturers of America, which represents major foodmakers, said it was disappointed that the report did not cite many of the changes food companies have made in the past year………McDonald’s, for example, added milk and apples to children’s meals. PepsiCo Inc. has mandated that half of its revenue from new products come from healthful products. Kraft Foods Inc. announced this year that it would stop advertising its less nutritious products on television and radio and in magazines aimed at children under 12. Many food companies have sponsored fitness campaigns and curricula at schools and youth clubs.”

Wow! It quite takes one’s breath away.

Parent and child walk into McDonalds. Parent asks child, “What would you like – a nice apple with milk, or a double Macburger and large fries?” Child responds, “I’d love the apple and milk, mommy.”

Just as if!

Junk food firms sponsor fitness campaigns and curricula at schools and youth clubs – like Philip Morris promotes giving up smoking on its half-baked website solely to promote its name and product on TV – after government regulation banned tobacco advertising, Mister Jaffe.

Unconstitutional? Philip Morris probably thought so.

If that’s unconstitutional, then let’s have more of it, but by a government of the people, elected by the people, and by golly, for the people – not for the convenience of fat-cat, corporate America, whose sole aim is to increase its power and wealth at the expense of the American people and their children.

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Of Rape, Intolerance and Enslavement……..

“Take all your overgrown infants away…….somewhere…..and build them a home, a little place of their own…….the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings…” ~ Pink Floyd.

Once again vicious, inhumane, aspects of organised religion rear their ugly heads today as Pakistan’s national assembly voted to amend the country’s strict Sharia laws regarding rape and adultery. Islam is dominated by men, and the religious laws they “interprete” are heavily weighted on the side of the male sex.

If a Pakistani woman is raped, Sharia law states that she requires four male witnesses to the crime before she stands any chance of sucessfully prosecuting the offender. Such legal demands conveniently free men to rape whomsoever they choose and statistically one woman is raped every two hours, one gang-raped every eight hours, in Pakistan.

Thankfully, secular law has now stepped into the breach, where common humanity was lacking, and today’s vote means rape cases can now be tried in the secular courts where the pre-condition of four male witnesses does not apply.

Predictably, the Islamic hierarchy is screaming its self-centred concerns – stating that the new bill is a recipe for “free sex” throughout the country. Even if correct, that’s surely an improvement on the “enslaved sex” so encouraged by these bigots in the past.

It’s time these people had their noses pushed out of any further interference in the laws of Pakistan, along with their Christian counterparts in other areas of the world. Religious control of the masses has too long been the policy of those who garb themselves in finery, surround themselves with pomp, and dictate hypocrisy under the guise of divine knowledge.

The Middle East is still largely controlled by such misbegots, and in America the last six years has seen government allow the rise of similar evangelical, fundamentalist, mini-dictators, to positions where they threaten freedoms held sacrosanct by the Constitution:

The freedom of a woman to decide what is best for her body; the freedom to control scientific research using logic and humanity, rather than garbled, necrotic, interpretations of writings by long-dead simpletons without knowledge of the very term “stem-cell”; the freedom to believe what we choose without these disreputes trying to shove their garbled ideals down our throats at every opportunity.

These are just a few of the freedoms these egomanic, power-crazed, enslavers of human minds, continuously try to take away from Americans. They would impose their version of so-called “Christian” law in America, just as the Islamic brigade have imposed Sharia law on much of the Middle East.

Thankfully, Pakistan has today taken another small step into modernity. It has a long way yet to go.

But, so has America – still tainted and abused by the very religious bigotry its forefathers left British shores to escape.

BBC report HERE.

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