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And Then There Was One – Fetch Her Home!

Last week the UK Special Immigration Appeals Commission ruled that the government was right to strip a British citizen of their citizenship. This despite it not proven that she held citizenship in any other country, and despite Article 15 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that states:

“Everyone has the right to a nationality. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.”

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission is the most secretive judicial body in the UK. Nobody is allowed to know who sits on it, other than they are high court judges.

Almost all teenagers rebel in some form during those years. There are a few who were mollycoddled, given everything they wanted, could borrow daddy’s sports car to court the local debutante, and ended up as politicians or bankers. Most of us rebelled, and often it was the likes of them we were rebelling against.

I wasn’t the worst teenager, but I got in a few scrapes. I was caught drinking underage in a pub when I was sixteen. It peeved me no end as I’d been a regular there for two years and it had a full-size snooker table. A sergeant from the local force wandered in one night and caught me with a full pint glass. I did offer to buy him one but he didn’t seem very thirsty.

My mates and I loved driving cars. None of us were old enough for a licence  as we were still schoolboys. No way could we afford a car , so we used to borrow them on the occasional evening for joyrides.

It was fun till we got caught, and for a time I held the dubious honour of losing my licence before I was even old enough to hold one.

It was a simpler life then with no internet and social media to brainwash us.  We were much less likely to be lured away to fight for dubious causes in foreign lands. In 2015, one young teenager and British citizen, Shamima Begum from Lambeth,  South London, along with two other teenage girls, was lured into the murderous pseudo-religious group, Islamic State, by bad people on social media.

We all think we know what we’re doing when we’re fourteen or fifteen. Of course, we don’t. We’re simply trying to wander our way along the murky path to so-called adulthood. Some never make it. Many get stuck in the teenage years until the day they die. They end up with positions of power in government, or, “The City,” but still drink themselves silly with wild parties while the rest of us stay locked down and isolated against Covid-19. These elderly teenageers make laws which suit them rather than the rest of the country, and break laws and degrade moralities because they believe they were never anything but wise adults, even while driving daddy’s sports car, at age fifteen.

Sajid David is a fifty-four year old teenager.

He happened to be the Home Secretary in December 2019 who cancelled Shamima Begum’s British citizenship, after that young woman was found in a refugee camp in northern Syria. She was nursing a fourth child. The other three had died shortly after birth. It’s understood the fourth child has now died from pneumonia.

Shamima Begum is twenty-three now. She’s no teenager. After the life she’s been leading I would think she’d make a better Home Secretary than Sajid David ever did, which let’s be honest, would not be difficult.

She doesn’t have Bangladeshi citizenship, despite the UK government affirming that she does. The Bangladeshi government has denied the assertion and says if she returns there she will be executed as a terrorist. That, at least, makes her a refugee seeking asylum.

The British Establishment, from the government and Parliament up to the highest courts in the land are staffed by teenagers aged between thirty and ninety. They were all born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They all courted debutantes and borrowed daddy’s sports car.

Shamima Begum was a child when she and two friends were brainwashed into believing a load of pseudo-religious and highly dangerous rubbish, by a woman in Glasgow at the time, by the name of Aqsa Mahmood. One of her friends paid with her life in a Russian air strike while planning to escape from Syria. The whereabouts of the other is unknown, possibly also dead.

There’s a lot of people in the West, particularly in the UK, who will say, “Let Begum rot in Syria. She deserves no better.”

I got away lightly when I was sixteen. A £2 fine for the drinking, and about thirty quid and a six month licence suspension for “taking and driving away a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.” Maybe in another country I would have fared worse. After all, you can get fifteen years jail in Russia today just for mentioning the word, “war.” I think my crimes were far worse than that!

We don’t know what Shemima Begum did while she was with ISIS. There’s a lot of rumour and third-rate media speculation, often offered up as fact. It’s not hard to imagine what she saw. One thing is certain, you don’t see the things that ISIS did at first-hand and stay a teenager very long.

It’s time she was allowed to go home. It’s time the British people remembered their humanity, and perhaps also their own teenage years.

Sometimes It’s Good To Get Angry

I find myself growing more angry as I get older. Maybe it’s because I’ve been retired a while. I have more time to observe the world around me and those who inhabit it. In particular, the human race to which I belong.

Abuse of power is, above all, what makes me most angry. There have been abuses of power since Homo sapiens came down from the trees, and maybe even before that. Originally, it was survival of the fittest, the natural evolutionary process that guaranteed only the best, strongest, fittest, passed on their genes to their next generation.

It wasn’t until so-called civilisation took hold and mankind found he could rise above and control those around him, that true abuse began. The era of powerful dictatorial monarchs and emperors was upon us. It was here that the natural evolutionary process we call survival of the fittest, became warped in the brain of Homo sapiens and evolved into something we simply call, “greed.”

Millions were massacred by armies led by these power-hungry early dictators, greedy to enlarge their lands or to subdue their enemies and force them into new, fashionable, religions, from which they took hefty tithes.

Today, nothing has changed except the climate. Dictators are on the rise everywhere. They have charge of nations, governments, corporations. Their slaves are not just the workers. Whole governments now bow to the will of the corporate dictators and leave the lowly workers to suffer further deprivation.

In early history the weapons were sword and crossbow. Now, it is more sophisticated. While missiles and tanks destroy whole nations and kill millions, the internet and other media have become possibly even more powerful with their ability to propagandize and brainwash whole populations.  In Russia, a population initially opposed to Vladimir Putin’s tyranny in Ukraine, has now been effectively brainwashed via government media, to accept and even support the hideous crimes committed by their armed forces.

Survival of the fittest is no longer necessary. We go to great lengths to keep alive the more physically and mentally unfit of our offspring. Greed has become the acceptable face of Homo sapiens, greed for money, possessions, and power. So great is this factor in human life that we are now prepared to risk the very planet we inhabit in order to maintain our greed obsession.

Despite the warnings of climate scientists; despite the obvious and often deadly evidence of a planet in distress, we still continue as we’ve always done to rob and pillage our home for no other purpose than to satisfy our greed.

Throughout four billion years of evolutionary history, creatures have come and gone. Millions of lifeforms that never made it to a permanent place on Earth. For one reason or another they just weren’t suited to survive here. A number have made it, but only one has evolved an insatiable  greed that will determine its own demise.

Evolution is a natural process. When a part becomes un-natural it is discarded as unsuitable and becomes extinct. Unless, we radically change our ways very quickly, we will be the next to be discarded.

I grow more angry as I get older because the future becomes much clearer, and for Homo sapiens, much shorter.

World War III Is Already Upon Us

An Illegal Waste Tip In Hartlepool, UK

The war in Ukraine is still holding the headlines, at least in Europe, and rightly so, but there’s another, much bigger war being fought throughout the world. It’s a World War.

It’s the war to save the planet and those who inhabit it. It ‘s being fought by ordinary folk like you and me, against the might of huge corporations like the fossil fuel companies, the plastics industry, and almost every other organization that draws profit from wreaking havoc on our planet.

It’s not just the corporations. The Mafia and other large criminal gangs are cashing in on this giant wrecking ball pounding at the very heart of our planetary home.

Two articles in today’s Guardian highlight this.

“Buried” is a new BBC podcast investigating how criminal gangs are cashing in on the UK’s waste disposal industry and illegally dumping millions of tons of waste. In 2019, the National Crime Agency was aware of twenty organised crime groups linked to waste crime in the UK. At least one fifth of all waste in the UK passes through the hands of criminals at some point in the chain, according to the Environment Agency.

Mobouy Road, near Derry in Northern Ireland is one place where illegal waste the equivalent in weight to twenty Titanic ships has been dumped on a site which is in a special area of conservation. There are massive illegal dumps all over the UK. Satellite imaging can reveal them, ten or more in the Peak District National Park alone.

It’s an illegal billion dollar industry and not just in the UK. Criminal gangs operate world wide, doing deals with local authorities only to happy to have the weighty responsibility of waste disposal lifted from their shoulders, and happy to turn a blind eye to where it ends up.

Read more in today’s Guardian article HERE.

Highlighted again today in the Guardian was the sorry tale of the bio-bead, nurdle, and other similar tiny plastic beads that are being washed up on our beaches regularly. These beads are the basic building blocks of all plastic products and million of tons of them are shipped around the world every year. They are a lucrative off-shoot for the fossil fuel industry.

Unfortunately, they are not classified under the International Maritime Organization’s dangerous goods code for safe handling and storage. Hence billions of these toxic little beads are regularly lost overboard from ships, or in the case of bio-beads discharged from sewage treatment plants. Pollution of beaches is just one problem caused by this highly toxic waste, as highlighted by the Guardian’s article today on huge numbers of nurdles washed up on France’s Brittany beaches over the weekend.

Read more in today’s Guardian article HERE

And an earlier article from November 2021 HERE.

There’s a World War raging around the planet. On the one hand are the bad guys, on the other there’s us. In any war the object is to diminish the power of the opposing force, weaken them substantially.

It may seem an impossible task, a David versus Goliath situation. If the Ukrainians had viewed the might of Russia as an impossible fight, Vladimir Putin would be strutting around Kyiv right now, like the cock who had just shafted all the hens in the henhouse.

The Ukrainian people have proved that the true spirit and fortitude of the human species can be harnessed as a collective endeavour to fight evil. They are an example to the world in the fight to save their Homeland.

But there’s a bigger Homeland to which we all belong. Are we to settle for complacency and allow the powerful Goliaths to destroy it, just as Putin has tried to do in Ukraine?

If we do, if we allow these Goliaths to continue raping and pillaging the only Homeland we have, then we will all lose.

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