Where Is The Guilt And Shame?

Seventy-five percent of Americans were in favor of the Iraq invasion, back in early 2003. Surely, this country must contain some of the most ignorant, inhumane, egocentric, human beings alive on the planet?

Seventy-five percent. That’s three-quarters of the population.

And why did they support the Iraq invasion? Because they were fired up by revenge and hatred and self-aggrandizement, used by a bunch of criminal politicians and their lackeys who utilized the events of 9/11 to manipulate their, oh, so compliant, masses into accepting a strategy that would have seen American politicians standing trial for war crimes, had they been leaders of some other, less militarily powerful, nation of the world.

No-one in this country has so far mentioned the hypocrisy of George W Bush, standing in the United Nations this week bleating about the dreadful antics of the military junta in Burma, while his own military junta continues to ravage a nation it has been raping and pillaging for the last four and a half years. No-one so much as whispers about that.

Those seventy-five percent of Americans have now convinced themselves the occupation is all about assisting Iraqis to stop killing each other, rather than admitting their occupying military started the problem, catalyzed the problem, and is now systematically prolonging the problem. All with a little help from the wonderfully sympathetic media, ready and all too willing to saturate the American brain with tales of individual heroism and good deeds – “Making a Difference”, and designed to smother any hint of shame or guilt that might just attempt to break surface, if ever managing to struggle through that huge, all-engulfing bubble that is the American ego.

A study by the Association of Psychologists of Iraq (API) early in 2006 discovered that:

[children] “are seriously suffering psychologically with all the insecurity, especially with the fear of kidnapping and explosions.”

“The only things they have on their minds are guns, bullets, death and a fear of the US occupation,” said API spokesman Marwan Abdullah when he released the report.” [my bold]

Let’s not pull the punches. If three-quarters of Americans had not wished to vent their avenging bloodlust on someone, anyone, it is unlikely this war would ever have occurred. Never was there any evidence of Iraqi involvement in 9/11. Only the lies of Dick Cheney and his accomplices; lies the American people never called on him to verify.

Today, those seventy-five percent have changed their views somewhat. Most now consider the invasion and subsequent occupation was not worthwhile. When asked why they have changed their minds, almost without exception they cite the US military losses, the huge financial costs. They still don’t give a tinker’s cuss for what has been done to another nation in their name. The Iraqi losses, against which the US dead are insignificant, are of no concern to them. They may as well not exist. In truth, they don’t anymore. What does still exist are the millions displaced; the thousands of orphans; mothers without children; fathers without families; some, without anyone.

All thanks to seventy-five percent of Americans who wanted to get their own back, and weren’t bothered whom they destroyed in the process.

THIS is just a small part of what they did.

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4 Replies to “Where Is The Guilt And Shame?”

  1. Yes and if the war drum-beaters get their way we’ll do the same to Iran. Those of us who object will be called “pussies” and “traitors” and they’ll act surprised that some of us have no sympathy or use for them at all.

    I’ve often been accused of being harsh. I am but guess what….I wasn’t born that way.

  2. NYM – there are some out there who believe I get some innate kick from “knocking” America. I don’t. My wife is an American. The pain she suffers from the antics of those who have kidnapped this nation are difficult for us both to bear. I find it truly sad so many fail to see what is before their eyes. They take ugliness and turn it into words like ‘patriotism’ and ‘pride’. They protect the sins of their masters with the phrases, “God bless America” and “Support out troops”. They fail to recognize that the troops presently doing the bidding of the Burmese generals are no different from the troops daily killing innocents in Iraq. Meanwhile, at home, their ‘elected’ leader denies American kids basic health care to protect the profits of his corporate masters. I guess I’m becoming harsh, too. I wasn’t born that way, either.

  3. It is incredibly difficult to look at what is happening in the world, particularly by those who, supposedly, have a responsibility to protect the weak and those without a voice, without feeling an innate sense of doom and futility.

    I did have a rant to put in here, but I’ve got all depressed now 🙁

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