The Obama administration has told BP that it has until Sunday night to come up with better plans to contain the leak in the Gulf oil spill……[1]

“Now look here, Mister BP, you’ve got till Sunday night, and if you don’t come up with a better plan I’ll……I’ll……well, darnnit you just better……that’s all!”

[1] “Obama’s Gulf oil spill ultimatum: Clock is ticking, what can BP do?” Christian Science Monitor, June 13th 2010

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4 Replies to “Ultimatum!”

  1. Should that not be an Oiltimatum?

    The question that I had when I saw on the news that Obama had told BP to find a “better solution” to the oil spill was that if BP knew of a better idea than the ones they’d tried, do you not think they’d have done it already? Or does he reckon that someone is sitting on the magic answer, and looking at the news items going “Just a week longer – all publicity is good publicity…”?

  2. Obama could have made his name from being rapidly pro-active and dynamic in his treatment of this tragedy. He hasn’t risen to the challenge and he’ll pay for it come 2012, I’ll wager.

    There must be experts in the oil industry in the middle-east – Arab Emirates, Dubai and elsewhere on the globe, who could have ideas – I wonder if they’ve even been approached.

  3. NObody knows what to do about the oil spill. It ain’t just BP and Obama. I’d love to see him get more serious about ending the addiction, but I don’t know what it would take to overcome the political resistance. But I know he’d get more support from the people who voted for him if he really went for it.

    I’m ready for fifteen-buck-a-gallon gas, but I don’t have much company.

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