Terrorism Is Alive And Well And Living In Joe Lieberman’s Head

Take one devout Muslim of first generation Palestinian descent, clad him in a U.S. soldier uniform, and pretend he’s a full-blooded American hero who’ll fight for his country against all comers. Subject him to harassment from his fellow soldiers because of his religion, then tell him he’s being sent to kill his relatives in the Middle East, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Appear aghast when he goes berserk and shoots people.

That’s the potted history of Nidal Malik Hasan, MD who this week killed thirteen and wounded thirty at Fort Hood in Texas.

Senator Joe Lieberman, on Fox News, said of the incident:[1]

A couple of years ago, after a two-year investigation, my committee put out a report that said the new face of terrorism in America would not just be the attacks as 9/11, organized abroad and sending people in here. It would be people within this country, home- grown terrorists, self-radicalized, often over the Internet, going to jihadist Web sites.

And there’s concern from what we know now about Hasan that, in fact, that’s exactly what he was, a self-radicalized home-grown terrorist.

Lieberman, and probably most other US politicians, would be happy to turn this incident into a simple case of ‘home-grown’ terrorism. It’s a nice, convenient, solution. It exonerates the US military, the US ‘system’, of any blame whatever.

Sure, there’ll no doubt be some internal inquiries; knuckles will be rapped for not paying closer attention to the warning signs emanating from Major Hasan in the months prior to the massacre. But, a verdict of ‘terrorism’ will mean the matter can be pigeonholed, Hasan locked away for the rest of his life – or, put to death as a sop to the relatives – and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and get on with their lives.

Senator Joseph Lieberman, as usual, was wrong. It was no act of terrorism. Rather it was the direct result of one man’s agony; ripped apart mentally in multiple directions by a cold, uncaring, system that expects every man to become a robot dedicated solely to the “Flag”; to put aside all other loyalties, no matter how important to the individual, and replace them with absolute devotion and obedience to the ‘Motherland’.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, MD was no terrorist. He was a man placed in an impossible situation and taunted constantly by his fellows. He was a sick man whose mind snapped.

He long ago ceased to believe in the righteousness of American military actions abroad.

In that, at least, he was certainly not alone.

[1] “Sen. Lieberman on ‘FNS'” Fox News Sunday, November 8th 2009

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3 Replies to “Terrorism Is Alive And Well And Living In Joe Lieberman’s Head”

  1. This deliberate fear mongering makes me sick, RJA. We all know what snapped the poor man.
    All of the terrorism in the USA is self inflicted. There’s a boogey man lurking behind every door with a gun.
    Keep them cowered than you can do what you want…

  2. I don’t know what the Major was thinking or feeling. We’ll never know, because even if he survives to tell the tale, we’ll not know whether to believe his words or whether we are getting the whole story from the authorities.

    I do know that there’s the same underlying inefficiency occurring in this story as has been evident in so many stories unfolded in the past. The govt. was supposed to have had warnings prior to 9/11, but little was done to investigate it seems. Now we’re told that there was evidence of the Major’s interest in fundamentalist Islamic ideas and connection to dangerous individuals.
    Why the heck wasn’t he confronted and discharged ?

    And looking at the situation from his point of view…. the thing to do if he felt as you and many other people assume that he felt, why didn’t he just go AWOL – that’s what I’d have done in his situation – put myself at risk, not put more than a dozen other young people in their graves.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  3. WWW – I can add little to that. My sentiments exactly.

    Twilight – in no way was I attempting to justify the man’s actions. Such murderous intent can never be condoned. The human mind is such a fragile creation and no-one seems to understand what happens when it breaks down, least of all the psychiatrists and psychologists who only pretend they do and often cause more harm than good. Indeed, this man was one of them.
    While I do agree a saner person may well have chosen to go AWOL, the fate of those who do can be very grim, as THIS ARTICLE from Dahr Jamail describes.

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