Just Hot Air, Or a Skilful Play Of The Cards?

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s “Holocaust Conference” has finally ended. Hopefully, the furore and much-publicized outrage of Western politicians will end with it.

However devious the motives of Iran’s peculiar president, the event has returned to prominence one major issue long-overdue for discussion: the Holocaust itself.

Ridiculous laws imposed by certain European nations – presumably to atone in some manner for the false guilt they feel over the event – and the keeness of some Jewish organisations to cry “anti-Semite” whenever anyone attempts to discuss the subject in other than a totally sympathetic manner, have created a veil of silence surrounding the Holocaust that makes a mockery of free speech, and has allowed Israel for years to justify gross acts of violence against its neighbors, far exceeding any “rightful retribution” for attacks against its own people.

Sparrow Chat is not afraid to discuss such issues; neither is there any sense of guilt for the atrocities committed against the Jews – and others (conveniently forgotten) – by the Nazis in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Most of us were not around at that time, let alone wearing Nazi uniforms. We are only ever responsible for our own actions, not those of others we never knew. Do the British still hold America responsible for killing British soldiers during the battles over the colonies? No, of course not. The very suggestion is ridiculous. Yet those promoting the political cause of Jewry, would have us all feeling guilt and remorse for what happened sixty or more years ago; even those nations fighting against the Nazis at the time.

Any idea of the Holocaust being less than a dreadful crime against humanity, is not only naive, but irrelevent. The numbers are immaterial. Murder and suffering cannot be measured by numbers alone. Were the Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust any more important than the victims of Rwanda’s genocide; or those in Bosnia, or Falluja; or presently suffering and dying in their thousands in Darfur, or Iraq?

The Jewish religion states they are God’s “Chosen People”. To themselves, perhaps, they are more important than the rest of the human race. Unfortunately for them, egos don’t enter into the equation either.

Why then have Western nations long been so resilient in maintaining their guilt-trip over the Holocaust, to the extent of imprisoning those holding the view – however misguided – that the whole thing was a myth?

Perhaps, the real reason has less to do with the event, and concerns more the State of Israel itself? America’s unswerving support for Israel is easily explained by the simple fact that Jews control the US government. If that sounds like anti-Semitism, just consider the numbers. In 1999, Jews held over sixty key positions in the US government. There is no reason to believe that number has diminished in the past eight years.

European governments have their own good reasons for loudly proclaiming the gross injustices perpetrated on Jews during the Holocaust. It’s a great way to play down how the State of Israel came into being; the fact that Britain and France, in particular, were responsible for illegally stealing Arab lands while they were colonial invaders during WW1, and handing that land over to the Jews for the purpose of settlements. Supporting the “poor Jews” who suffered so much because of the Holocaust, is one way to avoid the vexed issue of responsibility for another crime against humanity – that of stealing someone’s land and giving it away.

That was the crime responsible for the situation in the Middle East today. That, more than any other, is the reason Western nations are viewed with contempt by Arabs throughout the Middle East. That is the reason people like Ahmadinejad talk of “wiping Israel of the map”.

The Holocaust was just another of many examples – though certainly one of the worst – of man’s great ability to inflict suffering on his own kind to an almost unimaginable degree. It cannot, and should not, be allowed to give Israel and the Jews excuse to perpetrate their own brand of extreme violence on others, as they have done consistently over the last half century.

Without the Holocaust clouding the issue, Europe would be hard pressed not to admit its actions earlier this century were grossly out-of-order, and the Arabs rightfully entitled to recompense. That, of course, would be the last thing the Jews would want to happen. Using the Holocaust to maintain the “status quo” suits all parties, except of course those wronged in the first place – the Arabs.

President Ahmadinejad’s “Holocaust Conference” was a load of hot air, hastily expelled and forgotten in a very short time. It had the effect it was designed to engender. The self-righteous, opinionated, huffing and puffing of Western politicians and their servile media outlets was exactly the reaction Ahmadinejad intended.

Once again, as always, they played right into his hands.

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