American News – A Bumpy Ride

I’m getting a seat belt fitted to our sofa. It’s either that or stop watching American news altogether. No matter how much I try to compose myself for the 5.30 CBS bulletin, it’s guaranteed some headline will floor me.

Usually, its the ‘medical’ segment, and tonight was no exception.

“An influential doctors group is recommending that some children as young as 8 be given cholesterol-fighting drugs to ward off future heart problems…….” says CBS News tonight.[1]

Going one step further, they are advocating screening cholesterol levels from the age of two, with a view to dispensing statins and other cholesterol drugs to children way younger even than eight.

Far be it from me to criticize such an august group as the American Academy of Pediatrics, but one wonders how long before they recommend a program of intravenous drug infusions for pregnant mothers, arguing their babies will then be fully protected against disease, pre-natally.

According to CBS, Dr. Stephen Daniels of the AAP stated that recent research shows cholesterol fighting drugs are ‘generally safe for children’.

Not all doctors are in agreement.

Still, as I mentioned previously, the American Academy of Pediatrics are an august body, no doubt free of any drug company or corporate involvement.

Well, except, that is for:

Aventis; AstroZeneca; Merck; MedImmune, Inc;McNeil Healthcare;Pediatrics Insurance Consultants, Inc; Dermik (a subsidiary of Aventis)

oh, and I just love this one – McDonalds!

These are the “President’s Circle” of donors to the AAP’s “Friends of Children Fund”, who have donated more than $25,000 apiece. There are a whole host of other industry corporates somewhat more stingy of their generosity.[2]

Of course, I’m not suggesting AAP members are deliberately paid to push drugs on unsuspecting kiddies, but with this sort of involvement by certain, reputedly unscrupulous corporates, could any professional body remain totally independent in reaching its conclusions?

I’ll leave the reader to decide.

With a double-whammy from CBS tonight we learned that Merck’s wonder-vaccine, Guardisil, that protects against the virus responsible for much cervical cancer, may not be quite so miraculous after all. While Merck are vigorously contesting claims the vaccine has caused deaths and paralysis among young girls given the drug, the anecdotal evidence is rapidly mounting.[3][4][5]

All-in-all just another load of suspicion that the corporates in general, and the drug companies in particular, are not necessarily the benevolent institutions they spend millions trying to convince us they are.

But, then, we knew that already, didn’t we? So why do they bother?

Finally, a report tonight that Barack Obama’s plane was forced to make an unscheduled stop today due to ‘controllability problems’ with the plane’s pitch controls.[6]

Asked if he was worried, Obama responded:

“No. Anytime a pilot says something’s not working the way it’s supposed to, then you make sure you tighten your seat belt……”

And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow night, on our sofa, prior to watching the 5.30 CBS News bulletin.

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[3] “HPV Vaccine Linked To Teen’s Paralysis?”CBS News, July 7th 2008

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[6] “Obama’s Plane Makes Unscheduled Landing” CBS News, July 7th 2008

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4 Replies to “American News – A Bumpy Ride”

  1. I remember Bill Maher saying once that the real axis of evil we should be fighting against is (I think I’ve remembered correctly)

    Food Industry
    Pharmaceuticals Industry
    Insurance Industry

    They are all very sweetly interlinked are they not?

  2. Twilight – Bill Maher has slipped from his position of top satirical comic, in my eyes, but he was right about that one. And, yes, they’re all corporately interlinked.

  3. Dear friends! We are watching the Great Lie from Internet! The reality is that Saakashvili FIRST bombed Tskhinvali on the Day of the Olympian Games! Georgian soldiers SHOT Russian Peace-making armies, peaceful population FIRST and only AFTER this Russian troops came to prevent further destruction. Remember Kosovo, and the US position in that case!
    If you understand the reality, that means your have a free mind.
    P.S. Please, send this message to all your friends. Thank you!

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