A Traitor In Fancy Dress

The world’s political elite continue to stuff their faces with the finest cuisine money can buy, attire themselves in frills and fancies, and prance to the discordant tunes of their own overworked, self-applauding, vocal chords.


Yesterday, ex-British prime minister and Bush poodle, Tony Blair, wooed a bevy of American money-bags at the annual Alfred Emanuel Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a “charity” event organized by the Roman Catholic Church in New York. No other British national has spoken at this function since Winston Churchill deigned to address them by telephone in 1947. The event is staged by New York’s Roman Catholic diocese, ostensibly to raise money for local health charities.

Blair took the opportunity to rattle his own personal saber to the full by condemning Iran, praising the Iraq war, and ratcheting up the threat of terrorism to the World War III levels recently vociferated by his belligerent comrade in the US White House.

All of which went down extremely well with his audience of fat-bellied, alcohol-hazed associates, representing the epitome of American wealth, and Christian – or Jewish – religion.

During his introduction, the master of ceremonies – presumably half-joking – suggested the US Constitution be amended to allow Blair a run at the 2008 presidential election. Why not? After all, the US Constitution is in such tatters another few pages of crossings-out and red inked addenda would surely go by unnoticed?

The suggestion went down well with the audience. After all, Blair may be British by nationality, but in every other way he’s one of them. His priorities are their priorities; their only aim the defense and protection of their lifestyles.

Blair’s speech noticeably lacked any reference to the starving millions in Africa, the genocide in Darfur, the massacre of innocents in Burma, the snowballing effects of global warming. No, for Mister Blair and his ‘friends’, the overriding priority is to combat “Islamofascism”, for in the process they can consolidate their power, increase their wealth, and frequently utilize that phrase to spread their own very real brand of fear.

What a glorious excuse to further repress ordinary people and exercise increasing public control.

Tony Blair is a quisling. Depite roots in the British Labour Party he has, even during his term in office as British prime minister, emanated a right-wing bias that has now fully-fledged, placing him firmly inside the cauldron of US Republican conservatism.

Not only has he betrayed his own ideals, but he has proved himself a traitor to the British people he purported to represent, and the party to which he pledged loyalty.

The three standing ovations received from his opulent, right-wing, audience must surely represent undeniable proof of that.

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11 Replies to “A Traitor In Fancy Dress”

  1. Anan – “Islamofascism is a buzz word. To understand its meaning one has only to determine the meaning of “fascist”. There is an excellant definition of ‘fascist’ somewhere on this blog, but despite modern WordPress search engines I am unable to locate the link. Google will provide a definition on request. An Islamo-fascist is simply a fascist using his/her interpretation of the Koran to impose their fascist doctrine. Wikipedia has an interesting interpretation and, although lacking citations, is fairly objective, I believe. However, use of the term by today’s political leaders is nothing more than a cheap and nasty means of securing support through fear. Another term in common usage by the young rebels of the 1960’s was “crypto-fascist”, a term meaning having fascist tendencies but hiding them behind more orthodox and acceptable political doctrines. Bush, Blair, and their entourage, are prime subjects for the term ‘crypto-fascist’.

  2. Some socialist our boy Blair is, eh? More like socialite.

    That little bash cost a $1,000.00 per place at the table. To those wheeler-dealer diners though — mere chicken-feed.

  3. TOB – likely a socialite, though perhaps more of a male courtesan in that outfit.

    Al – he has a job. He’s about to embark on a speaking tour at around $200,000 per engagement. He’s also got the wife working at between $50,000 and $100,000 per engagement, and he’s no doubt drawing a tidy salary for achieving nothing in the Middle East as Quartet envoy.

    I think the NY dinner was a warm up. He didn’t get anything for that.

  4. I was waiting for this. Surely the Carlyle Group have offered him a big contract by now? Maybe this is the first step. Enough to make you want to throw up, he surely has scrubbed all the blood from his hands in his fancy schmancy duds, tho….

  5. Wisewebwoman – I’m sure he’s had ‘offers’. Murdoch is one of his greatest chums so a position on the board of Newscorp is probably on the cards.

  6. Did we expect anything else?
    The Labour party has been right wing since Tony became leader (even before he became Prime Minister)
    I don’t have words for the disgust that I feel for that man – he is one of the reasons that I am so ashamed to be British that I am going to leave the country for good as soon as I can get the finances together and get my visa.
    There were many jokes going the rounds about how Tony was dropping his trousers for George W, but the reality seems more to be that he was the pimp, and is now getting his payoff for letting the US f*ck us blind.

  7. Jo – you’ll be even more ashamed of being American. Choose your new country with care. Living here for five years has made me appreciate Britain, even with all its faults. It is vastly preferable to living in America. Particularly so as one matures and becomes more dependent on medical care. Over here, unless you’re wealthy, their is virtually none. Besides, Tony Blair will almost certainly settle over here permanently before long.

  8. Ah – I’m not going anywhere near America! My husband and I are going to emigrate to New Zealand – land of mountains, sea, and huge spaces between people! They have their share of crazies, but their social and political policies seem to fit in nicely with my own beliefs 🙂

  9. Jo – that’s probably the very best place on earth to be. I once talked to a US medical specialist who worked with a colleague from NZ. They and their families had just returned from a holiday there. He described it as “laid back and quaint…not at all like America.”

    My wife and I were ready to jump on the next Kiwi-bound plane out!

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